Meet the Destinology Tailor-Made Holidays Team

Our expertise, passion and enthusiasm for the destinations that we feature at Destinology really matter to us – it shines through every call we take. We talk to customers every single day about destinations from South Africa to Thailand, Tanzania to Indonesia, and India to Australia, but we also take it further than that. We travel to these destinations, we involve ourselves in all the things that they have to offer, and, most importantly of all, we meet the people who make each destination magical. The relationships and knowledge that we have built over the years by travelling to these countries combine into one tangible word – experience.

Our experience counts, and it helps us responsibly advise and guide our customers into making truly memorable tailored tours. It’s not just about providing great customer service, but a great customer experience. This is what we strive to create with each private luxury holiday we map out for you. Meet our well-travelled team today and allow them to bring together your perfect holiday. It’ll be an experience that you remember forever.

Sarah Stearn

My Favourite Destination: Cambodia
My love for travel began the same way it does for most, having just finished my degree I needed an adventure! A friend and I planned a yearlong adventure around the world. China was first. The Great Wall, the Skyscrapers of Beijing, the Terracotta warriors, and the waterways of Guangzhou and Shanghai. This was my first venture into Asia and I knew I had to see more. Next was Thailand then Malaysia concluding with an overland 2 week trip finishing in Singapore. Next was Indonesia, Australia and Fiji. After almost 10 months of travelling, we were reaching the end of our adventure and the feather in the cap was South Africa. We travelled overland from Durban to Cape Town over 3 weeks and spent most nights camping! Adventure over we returned home to the UK, well and truly bitten by the travel bug I knew I had to continue…maybe adventure paused rather than over. I knew I had to continue exploring the world and had found a new passion that I wanted to share which is why I chose to become a travel concierge. To date, I have visited over 60 countries in many fashions. Private guided tour in India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Argentina. Group tours in Australia, Burma (Myanmar) and Europe, R&R in the Maldives, Mexico, The Caribbean (St Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, Bahamas and Antigua) and Mauritius, Cruises around the Mediterranean, Alaska, Caribbean, the South American Cape and Galapagos. Self-drive holidays around the USA, Motor-home holidays in Australia and Safari in South Africa, Kenya and Botswana.

Heather Hudson

My Favourite Destination: South Africa
I started my dream job 11 years ago and have been in the luxury travel industry ever since. I am lucky enough to have travelled to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world and have stayed in over 30 of the luxury hotels we work with, whilst fulfilling my real passion for adventure travel by seeing polar bears in the Arctic, summiting Mont Blanc and cycling my way around Cuba. I absolutely love creating unique holidays tailored to my clients and friends, offering my advice and hearing what a fabulous time they've had on their return. My expert areas are South Africa, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Ocean.

Heidi Forrester

My Favourite Destination: South Africa
Having a travel career spanning over 20 years, I have always been passionate about holidays. Over the years, I have visited some amazing places including New York, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Las Vegas, South Africa & the Maldives. Experiencing some incredible things - watching the sun rise over the tea plantations in Sri Lanka, swimming with turtles in the Maldives, sighting the Big 5 in South Africa.....the world really is an awe inspiring place!!

Holly Groombridge

My Favourite Destination: Australia

Being the daughter of an RAF pilot, travel was in my blood from day one. We moved to Hong Kong when I was three months old, then back to the UK, then to Germany and back to the UK. The pattern continued; in total I attended 10 different schools; not due to bad behaviour! I have always struggled to sit still. After University I backpacked round South East Asia, experiencing some weird and wonderful things; learning to dive in the Gili Islands in Indonesia, spotting Orangutans in Borneo, cycling around Angkor Wat in Cambodia and riding three-to-a-moped in Thailand!

I consider myself extremely fortunate that my 8 years in the travel industry have enabled me to visit a wide range of destinations, my latest being a luxury trip to India staying in four Oberoi properties including the incredible Amarvilas, Agra, with breathtaking views of the Taj Mahal. I hope to experience more cultures and taste more street food as my travel career continues!

Elliot Hawthorn

My Favourite Destination: Tanzania
With close to a decade in the travel industry behind me I’ve had the opportunity to share my passion with like-minded colleagues and clients alike whilst amassing the knowledge and skills needed to succeed and thrive. My travel journey began touring Australia in a rusty old car, where I fell in love with the joy of discovering new places and experiencing things I never thought possible. Over the years, whilst visiting over sixty countries across six continents, the hostels and roadside motels gradually morphed into more luxurious offerings but the lust for adventure never waned. Carving a path to Colombia’s lost city, reaching the lofty hights of the Himalaya’s and the dramatic depths of the worlds coral reefs are among my highlights, though the pinnacle has to be floating in a dugout canoe in the Okavango Delta at sunset, surrounded by grunting hippos and thirsty elephants. I asked my girlfriend to marry me, and fortunately, she said ‘yes.’

Chris Ford

My Favourite Destination: Cambodia
I have always had a passion for travel and an around the world trip, post University affirmed I would have the travel bug for life. Now 20 years later and with 20 years of travel industry experience (9 years with Destinology) this enthusiasm is unbated. I am constantly seek new opportunities to see the world both in a professional and personal basis. I am privileged to have been blessed by monks in Cambodia, skiied in the Rockies mountains and snorkelled on the Great Barrier reef. These are just one of many travel highlights from the many destinations and experiences from around the globe these include; meeting island chiefs in Fiji, Touring both islands of New Zealand and Australia, hiking in the Borneo jungle, the temples of Cambodia and Thailand, the vibrancy of Singapore and Bangkok, incomparable Maldives, unique and ever changing Dubai and Abu Dhabi, island hopped the contrasting Greek Islands, unique European cities, seen the American Dream (and lost in Vegas), skiied badly across Canada and enjoyed tequila's in Mexico. My latest travel adventure was one of the most extraordinary life experience, trekking through the Jungle in Rwanda to visit a Gorilla Family in their natural undisturbed habitat. Spending an hour in their presence was awe inspiring and motivates me to show my customers the world.

Ian Mclean

My Favourite Destination: Thailand

The world and what it can offer has always fascinated me. My desire to travel was built on an intrigue of far away cultures, ancient civilisations, foreign landscapes and animal habitats. Southeast Asia has an abundance of this. I have spent time exploring various countries over several trips. I have lived and worked in northern Thailand, Explored the cities and beaches of Malaysia, visited the killing fields of Cambodia and view the lime stone cliffs of Haong Bay to name a few.

Seeing wildlife in its natural habitat has been a real highlight for me. I have seen gorillas in the misty mountains of volcanoes national park, tracked chimpanzees in Uganda, big game viewing in the plains of Kenya walked the bushveld of South Africa and traversed the rain forest of Costa Rica. India, Sri Lanka and the middle east really appealed to my cultural curiosity and want of adventure. I found the vast amount of cultures both past and present fascinating. I enjoyed the energy of the big cities and the wilderness of the vast countryside.

Island life has great appeal. The feeling of remoteness while relaxing on the beach helps me switch off from normal life with local culture giving me the change to explore. Barbados, Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles are great examples. Morning spent around the local sites, lazy afternoons on the beach and sundowners looking out to sea have given me lasting memories. Exploring Europe has always been a favourite of mine. The ease of travel, the food, culture and local festivals are hard to beat. I have travelled Italy by train, driven through France and Spain to the to the Tomatina festival of Valancia, drank Stiens in the vast halls of Oktoberfest and enjoyed the easter parades of the Spanish countryside. My passion for travel is as strong as ever if its my trip or yours

Juliet Palmeira

My Favourite Destination: New Zealand
My passion for travel started for a young age with adventurous family holidays all across Europe so after university I couldn’t wait to explore the world solo. I took a 2 year trip starting from New Zealand exploring both the Islands, mountains and Fjords extensively then working my way through the far east to include Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Once back in the UK I entered the travel industry so I could indulge further in travel and focus on providing great experiences to all my clients. Through this I have also travelled to South Africa, United Emirates, India, Alaska, Caribbean, USA and Canada. A few of my favourite experiences include spending the night on a luxury yacht in Milford sound and kayaking out to the Abel Tasman sea, taking a small charter plane from St Lucia to St Kitts and spending 2 nights on a private island surrounded by crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches and visiting the awe inspiring Glaciers in Alaska. I hope together we can also create worldwide experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Nicola Allan

My Favourite Destination: Japan
I've been passionate about travel since I was a kid. My grandfather was a chef (my other passion is food!) in the Merchant Navy and he used to tell me tales of his travel to far off exotic lands. I was hooked! Fast forward to the present day and I've been working in the travel industry for 20+ years and love it! I've been lucky enough to have visited India, Japan, Vietnam, Australia and travelled extensively through Europe but my travel bucket list grows bigger every year. It's really hard to choose my favourite destination but India and Japan are very high up there. Celebrating Diwali on a rooftop hotel in Jaisalmer Fort in India or watching an impromptu taiko drumming session in a small village in Japan are just some of the memories that will stay with me forever. To me, that's what travel is all about, the memories.

Laurie Martin

My Favourite Destination: Australia
I have followed my passion and worked in Travel for 6 years now creating unique and once in a lifetime holidays to provide lasting memories and experiences. I have travelled to over 40 countries across 6 continents collecting amazing experiences such as Shark cage diving in Hawaii, Hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, Surfing with Dolphins in Byron Bay, Cruising the Fjords of Milford Sound and experiencing the field of light at Uluru. From beaches to temples and jungles to Mountains there is so much of this diverse world to explore and I love the opportunity to help others experience it!