Destinology Food & Cooking Holidays

Our cuisine holidays are a true journey for the taste buds, a gastronomic safari that takes you to far-off lands to experience new flavours and dishes. You can sample some of the best dishes a country has to offer on one of our private cuisine holidays, take part in expertly-led cooking classes and understand the local culture through its food.

Imagine yourself wandering through the busy markets of Hoi An, trying the fresh fruit and eclectic street food. Perhaps you’re more drawn to the produce of South Africa, where you can complement spiced dishes and desserts with world-class wines. And it’s not just about the eating – perhaps you're eager to learn how to make authentic Pad Thai and green curry in Bangkok. No matter your tastes, there's a cuisine holiday out there that's perfect for you, and our team can book culinary classes to help you explore a region through its cooking.

Call one of our dedicated concierges today and let our experts arrange your perfect food-focused itinerary.