If you’re looking for a private, tailor-made tour that covers multiple destinations across one country or more, these are itineraries for you.

Multi Centre trips allow you to hop between cities, national parks, safari reserves or islands, by flight, rail, or road, and at whatever speed suits you. As you tour the world we’ll personalise each moment, meaning you can spend as much time in each destination as you wish. We also pride ourselves on ensuring the logistics are covered by our team of experts, so we’ll transfer you to each location seamlessly.

Below you’ll find three multi centre themes to help you choose the itinerary that fits your requirements.


Classic multi centre trips are designed to showcase the highlights of a destination. They’re relatively simple: short in nature - depending on the destination – with an array of affordable yet luxury accommodations. These holidays are also filled with an assortment of experiences that will enrich your visit, meaning travellers typically return home feeling well-travelled yet relaxed, and like they’ve ticked a lot of the boxes on their holiday checklist.

These Classic Multi Centre trips appeal to those looking for:

  • The highlights of a particular country or series of countries in one trip.
  • A high standard yet affordable luxury accommodation.
  • Travel at a relaxed pace with some popular experiences added in.


Immersive multi centre trips allow you to experience destinations to their fullest – you’ll delve into the heart of each place you visit. You may find that these private itineraries are lengthier, allowing time to uncover the intricacies of each stop, the experiences you’re provided with may be more curated and, depending on the location, you may get more experience options. This all works to take immersive multi centre holidays beyond more classic themed trips.

These Immersive Multi Centre trips appeal to those looking for:

  • A greater depth of knowledge and understanding from a particular destination.
  • Curated and high-standard luxury accommodation.
  • Crafted or specialist experiences beyond a normal city tour.
  • Travel at a relaxed pace while delving a little deeper into your surroundings.

In Style

Our In Style multi centre trips elevate both the standard and the experience of the destinations we offer to another level. While these personalised journeys may be shorter than our other multi centre holidays, we’ll maximise your time so you can enjoy each moment to the fullest. These itineraries offer exclusive luxury experiences that, combined with exceptional properties, show how you can explore a country or set of countries in a unique and inviting way. During these stylish private tours, you'll be fully immersed and engaged in your surroundings knowing you might not get to experience a destination like this again.

These In Style Multi Centre trips appeal to those looking for:

  • Exceptional luxury in popular places.
  • Unique or rare luxury accommodations.
  • Exclusive and personalised experiences.
  • Understanding a destination from an elevated level of luxury.